Sri Adi Chunchanagiri Women’s College follows various modes of Examinations and thereby the Evaluations to monitor the students performance regularly. Hence, the institute conducts regular unit tests in classes, Internal Assessment tests, Model exams are conducted for each semester – i) after completing each unit within the stipulated time, an informal test is conducted in the classroom itself by the respective subject teacher, and an immediate valuation also done then and there. This method is taken as an instant feedback that enables the subject teacher to know about the understanding level of students. If it is necessitated, either the teacher handles the completed unit again or the teacher concentrates on the weak students for their better understanding. ii) Internal Assessment test is conducted for 20 marks as per the norms of affiliated university with formal question paper in university pattern, and then the evaluation is also done based on university direction. Such internal assessment tests are conducted for 3 times in each semester and the respective average marks are taken as the Internal Assessment marks of particular subject for the semester. Along with this secured marks, out of 5 for Assignment is given. For the PG and M.Phil. students, along with the exam marks and Assignment marks, out of 5 and 10 are given respectively as Seminar marks. iii) At the end of each semester, previous to the university semester exam, the college conducts a model exam as such of the university exam to let the students to approach the external semester exam conveniently.

Besides, model practical examinations are conducted previous to the university examinations which let the students’ to tap up better results. Once in a while, the institute does reforms in the assessment and evaluation pattern as per the norms of Mother Teresa Women’s University.

Being an affiliated institution, our college sticks on to the evaluation reforms defined by the university, but for summative evaluation the institute takes up its own methods of reforms in Continuous Internal Assessment.


Internal Marks

External Marks




Assignment (5)

CIA Test (20)





Assignment (5)

Seminar (5)

CIA Test(15)






Assignment (5)

Seminar (10)

CIA Test (25)




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To Provide the women folk academic programs as well as ethical and moral values with action – orientated and job – orientated skills in order to bring about their empowerment which paves a real foundation for the bright future of India.


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